Master of Arts in English Studies
The English Studies graduate program provides a strong foundation in primary knowledge areas, including history of the English language, the major genres and the theory of genre, approaches to literacy, and the impact of technology on reading and writing. The program invites MA candidates to build on this foundation by developing an expertise in teaching, and by expanding their content knowledge with courses in rhetoric, literature, film, and applied linguistics.​​
I.  General Requirements (15 hours) 
II. Electives (12 hours)
Students may choose to concentrate 12 hours of English graduate courses in a particular area of study that meets the student’s goals in the program. 
III. Language Requirement
Demonstrated forth-semester proficiency in a foreign language.  Old English or Latin will also satisfy this requirement.
IV. Thesis (4-6 hours)
ENGL 6950 Students must consult and submit a proposal to the graduate committee for approval or ENGL 6970 Portfolio Exam (3 hours)
V. Additional Information
Candidate for Degree:  Graduate students must be registered for at least one credit hour during the semester that they graduate. Those who have completed all required courses and requirements may register for Candidate for Degree:  CAND 5940 section 900
Teaching Assistantships:  Graduate students who receive a teaching assistantship must take ENGL 5913 Practicum in Language and Rhetoric in the fall during their first semester as a teaching assistant. ENGL 5913 may also be counted as an elective.
Independent Study:  Graduate students may only count 6 credit hours of Independent Study toward the English degree.
Total Hours Required:  30-33 hours  
**All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted.