English Major/Creative Writing Option

This course of study offered by the Department of English is designed to develop a student’s ability to read literature responsibly and imaginatively, to foster an understanding and appreciation of our literary inheritance, and to provide the historical perspective from which to evaluate contemporary writing and to produce it.

English Major/Film Studies Option

The Film Studies option within the English major is designed to prepare students for a range of professional careers in areas such as film criticism, video production, and the teaching of film, as well as graduate programs in film studies.

English Major/Literature Option

The Literature Option offers a collaborative learning experience through the reading and discussion of ground-breaking books. Seminars focus on the meaning of these works for past readers and the experience of reading together in our own contemporary moment. 

English Writing Major

The English Writing Major allows you to take courses in multimedia writing and digital studies, writing theory and practice, technical and business writing, and more. The courses are available on-campus and/or online, and this degree prepares students for a variety of careers.

English Major with Secondary English Teacher Licensure

Students seeking secondary English teacher licensure may pursue a BA in English with a restricted literature option. This enables them to complete their English major as well as fulfill requirements for Secondary English Teacher licensure at the undergraduate level.