Saul Hoffman, Ph.D.
Saul Hoffman, Ph.D. • Visiting Professor

Office Location: Lawrence Street Center 470

Areas of Expertise:
Labor Economics​​​​​​​​​, Economic Demograpy/Economics of the Family, Welfare and Poverty

Ph.D., Economics, University of Michigan, 1977
M.A., Economics, University of Michigan, 1975
M.U.P., University of Michigan, 1973
B.A., Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 1971

Saul Hoffman is Visiting Professor of Economics. He previously taught for 39 years at the University of Delaware, where he served as Department Chair from 2001-2012. He earned his PhD from the University of Michigan in 1977.

His research is primarily in labor economics and economic demography. With co-author Susan Averett, he is the author of Women and the Economy: Family, Work, and Pay, a textbook for undergraduate courses on Women and the Economy or Economics of the Family; the 3rd edition was published by Palgrave MacMillan in December, 2015. With former colleague Laurence Seidman, he is the author of Helping Working Families: The Earned Income Tax Credit and The Earned Income Tax Credit: Anti-Poverty Effectiveness and Labor Market Impacts, both published by the Upjohn Institute Press. He is also the author of By the Numbers: The Public Costs of Teen Childbearing, published by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy in 2006, and co-editor with Rebecca Maynard of Kids Having Kids, Revised Edition, published by the Urban Institute in 2008. With co-editors Susan Averett and Laura Argys of the University of Colorado Denver, he is co-editing the forthcoming Handbook on Women and the Economy to be published by Oxford University Press. 

He has published extensively on a wide range of policy issues, including teen childbearing, the safety net, the gender earnings gap, and the minimum wage. He serves on the Research Advisory Task Force of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

Selected Publications

Handbook on Women and Economy (with Susan L. Averett and Laura M. Argys, eds.), Oxford University Press, forthcoming (2017).

"Abortion, Contraception and Non-Marital Births: Reinterpreting the Akerlof-Yellen-Katz Model of Pre-Marital Sex and Shot-Gun Marriage," Eastern Economic Journal, advance online publication, 12 October 2015, doi:10.1057/eej.2015.51

"Teen Childbearing and Economics: A Short History of a 25-Year Research Love Affair," Societies, Special Issue on Adolescent Pregnancy: Past, Present and Future Trends and Issues, 2015 (5), 646-663; doi:10.3390/soc5030646.

"Financial System Development and Economic Growth in Transition Economies: New Empirical Evidence from the CEE and CIS Countries," (with Laura Cojocaru, Evangelos M. Falaris, and Jeffrey B. Miller), Emerging Markets, Finance and Trade, Vol. 52, No. 1, pp. 223-236, January, 2016.

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