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Faculty & staff expertise related to: Biological anthropology

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Anna G Warrener, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Directory Member Warrener

Human Evolution, Locomotion, Biomechanics, Evolution of human childbirth

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Specialties: Biological anthropology » | Biomechanics » | Human Evolution » | All specialties »

Office: NC 4002E

Office Hours:

My Directories:
Division: Social Sciences »
Program Unit/ Department: Anthropology Department » |
Rank: Tenured/Tenure Track - Assistant Professor »

Charles Musiba, Ph.D.

Associate Professor (Biological Anthropology)

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Phone: 303-315-7325

Directory Member Musiba

Human Origins and Adaptability, Eastern and Southern Africa. Management of Archaeological World Heritage Sites in Africa.

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Specialties: Biological Anthropology » | Paleoanthropology » | Peleoecology » | All specialties »

Office: North Classroom (NC) 4200D

Office Hours: Mon. & Wed., 2:30 - 4:30 p.m.

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My Directories:
Division: Integrated Sciences »
Program Unit/ Department: Anthropology Department » |
Rank: Tenured/Tenure Track - Associate Professor »
Interdisciplinary Affilations: Sustainability »

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