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Stacey Bosick, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Sociology Graduate Program Director



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Lawrence St. Center, Suite 420

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Phone: 303.315.2141


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Ph.D., Sociology, Harvard University, 2009
A.M., Sociology, Harvard University, 2006
B.A., Sociology, University of California, Berkeley, 1999

Stacey J. Bosick has a primary appointment to the Department of Sociology and a secondary appointment to the School of Public Affairs. She is also a Research Associate at the Institute for Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her research and teaching interests are in crime, inequality and the life course. She is particularly interested in the transition to adulthood experiences of vulnerable populations. Her recent work explores the relationship between criminal offending and the transition to adulthood experiences of urban, at-risk youth. A separate project examines the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the transition to adulthood experiences of a sample of primarily African-American single mothers who were displaced by the storm. Other projects investigate the movement of underrepresented minority students into graduate degree programs, disparities in police reporting among juvenile delinquents, and adolescent predictors of persistent offending. Professor Bosick’s work has won awards from the American Society of Criminology and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences‚Äč.

Bosick, Stacey J. and Callie Marie Rennison. Forthcoming. “The Influence of Adult Role Statuses on Violent Victimization Reporting.” Violence and Victims.

Bosick, Stacey J., Bianca E. Bersani and David P. Farrington. 2015. "Relating Clusters of Adolescent Problems to Adult Criminal Trajectories: A Person-Centered, Prospective Approach." Journal of Developmental and Life-Course Criminology 1:169-188.

Bosick, Stacey J. 2015. “Pushed Out On My Own: The Impact of Hurricane Katrina in the Lives of Low-Income Emerging Adults.” Sociological Perspectives 58(2): 243-263. [Available online since 2014.] 

Bosick, Stacey J. 2015. “Crime and the Transition to Adulthood: A Person-Centered Approach.” Crime & Delinquency 61(7) 950–972. [Available online since 2012.] 

Fomby, Paula and Stacey J. Bosick. 2013. “Family Instability and the Transition to Adulthood.” Journal of Marriage and Family 75: 1266–1287 

Dodge, Mary, Stacey J. Bosick, and Victoria Van Antwerp*. 2013. “Do Men and Women Perceive White Collar and Street Crime Differently? Exploring Gender Differences in the Perception of Seriousness, Motives, and Punishment.” In “White-Collar Crime: Bringing the Offender Back In,” Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 29(3): 399-415

Bosick, Stacey J., Callie Marie Rennison, Angela R. Gover, & Mary Dodge. 2012.“Reporting Violence to the Police: Predictors through the Life Course.” Journal of Criminal Justice 40: 441-451. 

Rennison, Callie Marie, Angela R. Gover, Stacey J. Bosick & Mary Dodge. 2011. “Reporting Violent Victimization to the Police: A Focus on Race/Hispanic Origin of the Victim among Adolescents. In “Health Disparities in Alcohol Use, Delinquency and Violence among Minority Adolescents,” Special Issue of Family Studies Journal 4: 54-67.

Bosick, Stacey J. & Angela R. Gover. 2010. “Incarceration during the Transition to Adulthood: A   Snapshot of At-Risk Males at 25. Lead article in “New Directions in Research Examining Crime over the Life-Course,” Special Issue of the American Journal of Criminal Justice 35(3): 93-104.

Bosick, Stacey J. 2009. “Operationalizing Crime over the Life Course.” Crime & Delinquency. 55(2): 472-496.

Sociology 1001: Introduction to Sociology

Sociology 3490: Criminology

Sociology 3710: Global Issues Study Abroad in Thailand

Sociology 4690/5690: Crime, Inequality and the Life Course‚Äč

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