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Understanding Teams and Enhancing Team Performance

February 21
CU Building, Executive Programs Auditorium 1250

“Ants: small wonders, but what can they teach us?” Brown Bag Presentation with Q & A

Dr. Ken Bettenhausen, Associate Professor and Director of MS Management, CU Denver Business School

In the mid-cretaceous period—sometime around 120 million years ago—a concept emerged that changed the world as we know it. And although the science to prove the significance of this concept has rested under our noses, under our feet, and even sometimes crawling onto our toes, as humans most of us are dumbfounded by it. “It” is the concept of teamwork. It has been perfected by possibly one of the smallest insects seen by the human eye—the ant—and yet it is an elusive concept to master in business.

Teamwork is one of the most powerful concepts shared between living organisms. Working together, nearly any task can be accomplished, giving the team extraordinary strength and power. The Strength is the Group:, Gostick, Adrian & Elton, Chester; 2010.To learn more, please join us at this very informative lunch and learn presentation about teams and enhancing team performance.

Two tasks are required to register:

1) By Reservation Only to

2) To be sure the focus of the program is on the issues that concern our attendees the most, Dr. Bettenhausen would like attendees to send your most pressing “teamwork problems” in advance of the presentation. Send to Please reference this Staff Council presentation in your communications to Dr. Bettenhausen.

Deadline to register is February 20, 2013.

Sponsored by Staff Council, University of Colorado Denver |Anschutz Medical Campus.

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