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"Adventures al Sur: A Recent Graduate's Work in Colombia with the Gabriel García Márquez Project"

April 18
5:00 pm
Plaza Building 118, Conference Room

In the spring of 2012, Colombian Professor Andrés Lema-Hincapié and his student Sarah Johnson were awarded a grant for a project entitled "Gabriel García Márquez (GGM) for the Big Screen: Words and Images in Movement." The grant from the University of Colorado Denver’s Center for Faculty Development encourages collaborative research between students and faculty. Such an exciting opportunity has allowed Andrés and Sarah to continue their work on opening news paths to The Gabriel García Márquez Project, here at the University of Colorado Denver. Also due to that grant, UCD Alumna Sarah Johnson was able to recently travel to Colombia where she met with Professor Conrado Zuluaga, one of the most important international García Márquez scholars, as well as with Humberto Dorado, a famous Colombian actor. Actor Dorado has closely worked with the Nobel Laureate García Márquez on film adaptations of his novels. Sarah Johnson will be delivering a short talk sharing her experiences throughout her stimulating journey to several Colombian cities and regions. She will discuss the topics of grant writing, her research abroad, the development of the García Márquez Project, and the thrills of the enchanting country of Colombia.

For more information, please contact: Professor Andrés Lema-Hincapié: 303-556-3443 /



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