May 8, 2020  Updates Below


This page contains information and resources for CU Succeed teachers and students. Information will be updated here as things change. All CU Succeed courses are following your district guidelines surrounding extended spring breaks and course continuation plans after that. Those course continuation plans may vary from district to district so follow the guidance of your teachers on how your class will continue after break.  We are advising teachers to be prepared to offer classes online after this break. If your school is on a break, remote participation cannot be required unless your school makes that determination. Please see information and resources below:


Modified Grades- Pass Plus/Pass/ No Pass Grades (P+/P/NP): Must be submitted by student at 5 p.m. on June 15, 2020.

CU Denver has decided that there will be a P+/P/NP option for this spring semester. Find the full policy here.

  • Students can request a grade change to Pass Plus/Pass/No Pass. Any grade change request must be submitted by 5 p.m. on June 15, 2020.  Students have until that date to decide if they would like to change their grades.
  • Pass Plus (P+) is defined as a grade of C- or higher. Pass (P) is defined as a grade of D+, D, or D-. No Pass (NP) is defined as lower than D-. None of these options will impact GPA calculations.
  • Faculty will submit letter grades through their faculty portal as normal, and as outlined in the syllabus. The student’s permanent record will show both the original letter grade and the modified P+/P/NP grade. Only the modified grade will appear on the transcript.
  • Teachers will only enter letter grades. The grade will be modified by CU if requested by the student.
  • Students must compelte the follwoing steps to request a grade change from CU Denver. 
    • 1. The student needs to email with their phone number so we can call them to discuss how changing their grate to P+/P/NP might affect them down the line. All on campus students are required to meet with an advisor to make this change. The CU Succeed staff will serve as advisors to your students.
    • 2. See their final grade and decide if they would like it changed to P+/P/NP.
    • 3. After they see their grade they will need to fill out a web form to make the request for the change. We will send them the link to this form after we speak with them. This form is still in development by CU Denver and will roll out after on campus grades have been posted. The deadline to fill out this form is June 15th.
  • Grades of “P+” or “P” in spring semester 2020 semester will not be counted against any existing “P” credit limits.
  • Once a student asks for their grade to be modified to P+/P/NP that decision is final and the grade cannot be returned to a letter grade.

Please visit our website here for Frequently Asked Questions regarding Modified Grading

Late Drop/Withdraw: All late drop petitions must be received by June 1st.

We have simplified the late drop policy. This policy is meant to cover situations in which the student is unable to participate in the new format. Here is what will be needed:

  • A letter from the student explaining why they are unable to finish the course (they do not have computer/internet, or there is illness in the family).
  • A letter from the teacher supporting the request to drop.
  • A CU Succeed drop form with the course information (we do not need the faculty signature)
  • The completed petition form

If the petition is approved, the student will be dropped from the course, it will not show on their transcript, and tuition will be removed/refunded.  Students are encouraged to submit their COIVD-19 drop petitions as soon as it is clear they will not be able to complete the course and after all options have been exhausted to assist the student,  and when it becomes clear that it will be impossible to overcome any obstacles to completion. If the petition is not approved the student will be given the option to withdraw, choose to modify the grade to P+/P/NP, or remain in the course.

Note: All students can withdraw through the of the term for any reason by turning in only the drop form. If they choose to withdraw they will have a “W” on their transcript and still be responsible for tuition. Only if a student is unable to complete the course due to a COVID-19 related reason, should they fill out this petition.


Tutoring: CU Denver’s Learning Resource center has granted CU Succeed students access to their  drop-in online tutoring platform. Not all subjects or courses are available, students can find a schedule of the sessions and instructions on how to patriciate on the Learning Resource Center website. In order for a student to participate they will need their CU username and password, provided when they claimed their CU Account. If they have not claimed their account they can do that here.


CU Denver Information: The CU Office of Digital Education has very helpful guides and links on teaching remotely here.  Here is a link to a new website developed jointly by CLAS and CEDC to help transition to working, teaching, and learning remotely ( Both are works-in-progress with material that will be constantly updated.


Zoom Information (for schools and teachers): Zoom is offering free unlimited video conferencing to k-12 schools. Here is a link to fill out the form for the service if your school needs it.


Online Platforms: Use what you and your students are used to. If you have questions about the platforms please contact your in school IT, if you have one, or reach out to the platform help desk itself. CU Succeed is not well versed in all of the systems that all of the school districts are using, so we will not be your best resource for technical help.

Some options if you need them: Schoology, Google Classroom, MODAL, CU’s Canvas. Teachers, if you are interested in Canvas let us know and we will let you know how to get access for you and your students.


Student Access: This is something we are relying heavily on the schools and districts for at this point. CU Succeed is not in a position to assess or support students that do not have access from home. Many things can be done on a cell phone, but we all know that is not ideal. This is why we have a modified withdraw policy, more on that below.


Internet Access: Comcast will offer two months free Internet access to new customers of its Internet Essentials program (which provides low-cost Internet access for low-income families). If you receive approval after filling out their online form, you will be shipped a self-install kit that includes a cable modem and a WiFi router. For more information, click here


Semester Extension: If your school decides not to go online, remain closed, and extend the semester into the summer, CU Succeed courses can also be extended into the summer.  We will extend the grade deadline for you if necessary.


Awarding Incompletes: The decision to award incomplete grades is at the sole discretion of the instructor. They are not required to accommodate incomplete request from a student.  The incomplete policy and student/teacher agreement can be found here.


While a grade of incomplete may be the best option for some students under some conditions, including during the current crisis, CU Succeed strongly discourages faculty use of incomplete grades as a routine strategy to manage course completion in Spring 2020.  Rather, we encourage faculty to work closely with students to help ensure that students can complete courses this semester by being as flexible as possible with assignments, deadlines, grading, and attendance and exam policies, in ways that recognize and are responsive to the unique needs of students during this unprecedented time.


If, after consulting with a student about their request for a grade of incomplete, both faculty member and student agree that an incomplete is in the student’s best interest, CU Succeed requests that they collaboratively develop a course completion contract that is flexible and responsive to our ongoing circumstances.  The course completion contract template can be found here.



Seat Hours:  The awarding of academic credit is based on the amount of seat time in a course.  In a face-to-face format, one hour of credit requires 750 minutes of seat time.  Thus, a 3-credit course requires 2250 minutes of seat time.  CU Succeed courses typically meet for more than the required amount of time.  If we shift to a virtual format, seat time converts to contact time, which can be measured in different ways.  Consequently, we ask that teachers use the 3 hours is 2250 minutes formula used to calculate seat time as a guide in determining the amount of time to spend in actual interaction with students.  In a virtual class, the quality of the time spent with students matters more than the amount of time. 

In a situation like the one in which we find ourselves, it is important to realize that it will be difficult to cover every concept and topic in the way they would be in a face-to-face format.  The focus should be teaching effectively the most important topics and concepts, and maintain as much of the course’s integrity as possible given the circumstances.


Liaison Contacts (for teachers): We have linked a list of your department Liaisons. If you have questions about how you should handle any remaining content please email them. As long as you meet the seat hours and the learning objectives are covered, the students will get credit.


Student Communication: All student communication should come from you the instructor. Since we cannot make blanket polices or solutions that will fit every class, you need to let the students know how they are expected to continue with your class and what their options are as it will differ from school to school.


All of the above is subject to change, we will keep this site updated as necessary . We will check in with schools at the end of the month to see what your plans are. Since one size does not fit all here, we need to know how the content will be continuing so we can get everyone the credit they have been working for.


Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are working remote but will be keeping regular hours.


Stay healthy everyone, we are here for you!