Photo of Sara Herkes
Academic Advisor

North Classroom, Suite 1030

Sara was born and raised in Hawaii.  As a first-generation college student, she earned a degree in Biological Anthropology from the George Washington University.  After graduation she worked as a photographer back home in Hawaii, until graduate school prompted her move to Colorado.  She has master's degrees from both CU Boulder and CU Denver in Classics and Information and Learning Technologies respectfully.  

Sara began her advising career at the Boulder campus working first with Spanish and Portuguese majors and then First-year students.  In 2014, she moved to the CU Denver campus to work in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  She enjoys helping students find their passions in life and getting the most out of their CU Denver experiences.

When not advising students, Sara can be found in breweries hanging out with her partner, Travis, and dog, Kona.  She also enjoys traveling, gardening, photography, and googling random things that come to mind.