To receive a Bachelors degree from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) at CU Denver, every student must complete the major requirements of one of the College's major departments. In addition, he or she must also complete the University's general education requirements, also known as the Core Curriculum, as well as degree requirements specific to CLAS. Certain GPA, credit hour (upper division, minimum/max hours, et cetera), and residency requirements also apply.

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  • Fall 2021
  • To view CLAS graduation requirements for prior catalog versions for Summer 2021 or before, please see the catalog archive

Philosophy of the Core: CU Denver's Core Curriculum provides all undergraduate students with a high quality general education based on a liberal arts foundation, while allowing students flexibility based on their individual backgrounds and specific career goals. The Core Curriculum develops multiple literacies, stimulates creative thinking, and utilizes technology. A goal of the CU Denver Core Curriculum is to engage students in developing sensitivity to diversity and developing their place in an urban environment as well as in the rapidly changing global environment.​