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Using the Laboratory - Community Clients

Note - The purpose of the Shared analytical Services Laboratory is to provide a centralized pool of equipment, instrumentation, resources, and expertise for chemical analysis. Policies for laboratory access and use are controlled by the SASL Advisory Committee, and, is limited to users who have received the relevant SASL Safety Briefings. Failure to follow the stated procedures will result in revocation of the users permission to use the laboratory.

We understand and appreciate our ties to the community outside of the University. In this light, we try to honor requests for chemical assistance or analysis from members of the community. Typically, requests of this type are from (but not limited to) students needing assistance with a science fair project. Because of our limited resources, analysis of this type are limited in number and scope. An initial contact should be made by either by e-mail or by calling the Laboratory Manager (the number can be found under "Contact Us"). The type of information we will require includes:

- The names and contact information of the researcher.

- The date of the request

- A brief description of the background of the researcher, including the ultimate use for the provided analysis.

- The title (or a description) of the analysis.

- The proposed start date, and duration for the use of the lab.

- A description of the analysis or work requested.

- The number of samples to be analyzed or prepared. (How heavily will the lab be used during the duration of the project.)

Please address any questions or concerns to the Laboratory Manager.