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Instrumentation - Preparative

This web-site is still under construction. The pages for the individual pieces of equipment and instrumentation are being added as time permits. If you need help with an analysis, or have any questions about the status of a piece of equipment, please feel free to contact the Laboratory Manager.

The instrumentation and equipment used for sample acquisition and preparation includes:

  • Floyd Remote Microwave Digestion System
  • Branson Sonifier 450
  • Various drying and ashing ovens, heating mantels and blocks, and centrifuges
  • Rotovaps
  • Parr Digestion Bombs
  • Tecator Kjeltec digestor and distillation system
  • Millipore Zero Headspace Extractors
  • Millipore Pressure Filtration Systems
  • Continuous Extraction Systems
  • Lab designed and built 10 channel sorbent trap sampling systems
  • Lab designed and built passive Summa Can sampling systems and inlets

Note: This site contains a list of the equipment and instrumentation contained in the Shared Analytical Services Laboratory. The operational status, configuration, scheduling, and suitability for use of the various equipment changes over time. Every attempt is made to keep the status of the equipment current on this web-site, but it is possible that the status of a piece of equipment may have changed since the last update to this site. To confirm present or future availbilty of a piece of equipment, please contact the Laboratory Manager.