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!!! Congratulations !!
Please join us in offering our congratulations to Dr. Stith and Dr. Jonscher for their recent award of an NSF grant for the acquisition and operation of an Applied Biosystems 4000 Q-Trap Triple-Quad LC-MS.

- Mission Statement -

The mission of the Shared Analytical Services Laboratory is to provide quality analytical chemistry services and support in a safe, professional, and courteous environment.


Welcome to the home page for the Shared Analytical Service Laboratory (SASL) of The University of Colorado Denver (UCD). Located in room 3009 of the North Classroom building on the Downtown campus, we are a service organization of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, providing basic and analytical chemistry related resources, including advanced analytical instrumentation. With the increase in the interdisciplinary nature of research, the SASL supports the analytical chemistryt need across all scientific disciplines. Additionally, the continuing effort to more efficiently use University resources has created a demand for sharing resources.

The SASL allows researchers from a variety of disciplines to utilize analytical tools without having to invest time, money, or resources towards maintaining the effort in their own research groups. At the same time, the Laboratory allows faculty the freedom from duplicating instrumentation and other resources that are used only peripherally. Finally, the SASL works to support the efforts of the other colleges of the UCD, and to support the wider community in which we work, live, and play.

February 2, 2009