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Political Science Profiles & Highlights November 18, 2013 Issue

New Courses for Spring 2014

New Courses for Spring 2014

The Political Science Department at CU Denver is proud to announce their course list for the Spring 2014 semester! We offer over 30 classes that cover a huge area of political thought and ground throughout the week to fit your schedule.

Are you interested in making connections with political leaders? You may want to get in the action as an intern as a Legislative Aide, with CU in the Capitol, or take the reigns yourself with Community Organizing and Development.

Have a passion for helping others? The Urban Citizen would be right up your alley! Our Urban Citizens have covered a lot of ground; with projects ranging from putting on an incredible concert with some of Colorado’s hottest bands and donating the proceeds, to building computer labs for day laborers and Colorado's Centro Monetario.

Want to delve more into international relations? Try out Intro to International Relations, UN in World Affairs, or Social Movements, Democracy, and Globalization.

Theory buff? American Political Thought, Theories of Social and Political Change, Early Political Thought, or Political Movements: Race/Gender were meant for you.

If you're looking into a career in law, you'll definitely want to look into Women and the Law, Constitutional Law II, or International Law and Indigenous People.

Just want to get your feet wet? We've got a wide variety of introductory courses as well. Look into Intro to Political Science or American Political System.

There are many, many more courses in the roster, so peruse! Please contact the department if any questions arise; we'd be more than happy to answer them for you.

Download - class_list_flier_spring_2013.pdf
Download file: class_list_flier_spring_2013.pdf