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Political Science Profiles & Highlights November 18, 2013 Issue

Christoph Stefes Runs the 2013 Berlin Marathon!

Christoph Stefes Runs the 2013 Berlin Marathon!

When Christoph Stefes arrived in Berlin in the summer of 2010, as he puts it, "[he] noticed that [he] was out of shape and seriously overweight." Although he hadn't exercised since ski racing in his teen years, he decided it was time to start training once again, this time in a new sport- running! At first, he ran a few shorter races, like five and 10Ks. With time and experience though, Christoph ran on!  He thought, "If I can do a 10K, I could also do a 21K, a half marathon." Once he had completed the half marathon, the next logical step lay in the infamous Berlin Marathon.

In 2012, Christoph completed his first Berlin Marathon, and this year he repeated the feat, this time finishing in just over four hours.

"I finished both of them and those were two of the best days in my life!" He triumphed.

Since the summer of 2010, he's lost 25 pounds, and feels healthy again. He usually trains three times a week, running anywhere between 20 and 40 miles per week. His next marathon will be in June in the Ruhr area of Germany, and he "cannot wait to run it!"