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Political Science Feature Stories April 23, 2014 Issue

Fall 2014 Course Listings Now Out

Fall 2014 Course Listings Now Out

The Political Science Department at CU Denver is proud to announce their course list for the Fall 2014 semester!  (Available here:

We offer over 30 classes that cover a wide range of classic political thought and vital current issues across the globe.

This semester, we especially want to highlight NEW courses that are being developed in the program, and our ON-LINE offerings. As for new courses, consider taking The Irish in America with Jim Walsh—it will be a unique, signature course on the Irish-American experience. Senior Instructor Bassem Hassan has developed an advanced class in International Security to explore how nations work together to secure mutual safety and survival, and to examine how these security efforts affect the liberty and welfare of individuals on the ground.

As for ON-LINE courses, we have a good range of offerings.  You can take core courses like Introduction to American Politics or Introduction to Comparative Politics online.  Or you can explore international political economy at the upper division level with Christoph Stefes online.  We are also offering an innovative new course in Globalization, Bio-Colonialism and Indigenous Rights online, taught by renowned Native America scholar and activist Debra Harry.   Finally, we have an interesting online hybrid  course in Environmental Politics taught by Karen Breslin.  In this course, students will have a few opportunities to meet each other and to meet the instructor face to face for course discussions and materials, even while most of the course is offered in an online environment.

And did you know that you can earn a full Minor in Political Science taking only on-line courses? Every two years, our dept. will offer a full suite of online courses to fulfill the departmental minor, and you can count on that! Beyond these new courses and on-line courses, our department is offering a wide range of our traditional curriculum.

Have a passion for social justice and helping others?  Consider taking Community Organizing and Development with Jim Walsh.   Walsh is deeply experienced in working with local community organizations and networks his students out in the field.

Or how about The Urban Citizen class, with Harv Bishop?  Our Urban Citizens have covered a lot of ground; with projects ranging from putting on an incredible concert with some of Colorado’s hottest bands and donating the proceeds, to building computer labs for day laborers at Denver’s El Centro Humanitario.

Want to delve more into international relations? Try out Intro to International Relations, International Political Economy, Political Violence, or Social Movements, Democracy, and Globalization.  Or delve into area studies with our courses on the Mid-East/North African Political Systems, the Politics and Governments of South Asia, or Islamic Politics and Culture.

Theory buff? Modern Political Thought is a great opportunity to explore classic theory and even develop your own political theory.

If you're looking into a career in law, you'll definitely want to look into Constitutional Law, Law Politics and Justice, or State Politics:  Colorado, where you will learn about the law-making process in our own state.

There are many more courses in the roster, so peruse! Please contact the department if any questions arise; we'd be more than happy to answer them for you.