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Department Celebrates Recent Publication of Dr. Everett's Newest Book

Department Celebrates Recent Publication of Dr. Everett's Newest Book

Dr. Everett holds her book hot off the press!

Dr. Jana Everett recently published her newest book, Women Navigating Globalization: Feminist Approaches to Development

Dr. Everett worked in tandem with co-author Dr. Sue Ellen M. Charlton to provide an up-to-date book on the the issues that women face in engaging development challenges across the globe.  Utilizing a feminist perspective and drawing inspiration from women’s movements across the world, Everett and Charlton examine  many different development contexts, including Bangladesh, Russia, India, Brazil, the United States and Chile.


Jacquie True (from Monash University) reviewed the book and had this to say:  "Women Navigating Globalization is an outstanding contribution to our understanding of the complex interplay between gender relations and globalization that neither neglects the importance of local sites and struggles nor ignores their relevance to international policy. Everett and Charlton adopt a ‘gender-plus focus’ showing the imperative of addressing gender inequalities and injustices in relation to injustices based on race, class, nationality, sexuality, and disability as part of any development scenario—whether that relates to the problems of human trafficking, the management of natural resources such as water, the quality of work, or the conditions for health and well-being."