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Creating "All Who Need Aid"

Creating "All Who Need Aid"

Dr. Hunt's class was all smiles!

The students divided into groups - each working on a portion of the exhibit. Before the April 4th opening, the students researched and created an interpretive narrative that they then pared down to 100-word labels. Each group designed their part of the exhibit, finding photos and artifacts. Areas included the lives of men, women and children of Ludlow as well as background on the strike.


One section covered April 20, 1914, the day when the Colorado Guard burned the camp. Another group of students brought the topic up to the modern day, concluding with “why this all matters.” In addition to creating the actual exhibit, the students worked with the museum’s educator to produce educational materials to go with the exhibit. They created a series of "character cards" based on someone at Ludlow or a guardsman or company official. One student produced a DVD of the strikers’ music.

Pose Near Artifacts

At the opening a number of students had the opportunity to express their feelings about the project. The main idea that they voiced was that it was “definitely hard work” but they were proud to be a part of commemorating the events at Ludlow and to do so in such a wonderful museum.

All Who Need Aid