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Otanez presented in Africa

Otanez presented in Africa

Marty Otañez, assistant professor in anthropology, was an invited instructor at the two-week global tobacco control course at the School of Health Systems and Public Health, University of Pretoria, South Africa, September 30 - October 4. While there he gave many lectures and presentations, including “A Human Rights Based Approach to Tobacco Control with special attention to Alternative Livelihoods for Tobacco Farmers and Farm Workers,” and “Carving Tobacco Out of Trade Agreements: The Future of Tobacco Control Practices and Industry Regulatory Challenges.”

Otañez’s work was also presented by colleagues twice last month to groups in Brazil: “The Role of Tobacco Farmers and Farm Workers in Supporting Global Tobacco Control: Perspectives from Tobacco Fields,” a policy briefing paper for the 4th Meeting of the Working Group on Articles 17 &18 of the Framework Convention of the World Health Organization on Tobacco Control; and “Addressing Child Labor and Farmer Livelihoods in the Tobacco Industry,” a policy briefing paper for the Third Global Conference on Child Labor.

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