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Huber receives Fulbright Fellowship

Huber receives Fulbright Fellowship

Martin E. Huber, professor of physics and director of the integrated sciences program, has received a Fulbright Fellowship for study in Israel beginning October 2013. The Fulbright Fellowship will provide support for Huber to work with his collaborator, Professor Eli Zeldov of the Weizmann Institute of Science, for a consecutive four-month period. Huber has been working with Zeldov since 2008, and has made several short trips to Zeldov’s laboratory in that time. The Fulbright Fellowship will allow Huber to focus his research efforts on a unique system for studying magnetic systems at a time when the sensors are on the verge of resolving magnetic signals from individual electrons. As a result of the collaborative exchange, Huber will strengthen his on-campus research program upon completion of the Fulbright Fellowship. “My goal,” he says, “is to leverage discoveries and publications from this experience into successful sponsored research for the University. Beyond what we're able to accomplish at Weizmann, this experience will increase my ability to attract external funding to develop a scanning SQUID microscope here at CU Denver.” More information about Huber’s work and the award can be found here.



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