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Hartmann publishes on heritage tourism

Hartmann publishes on heritage tourism

Associate professor (C/T) Rudi Hartmann, of geography and environmental sciences, published the article “The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam: A Museum and Literary Landscape Goes Virtual Reality” in the October 2013 issue of Journalism and Mass Communication (3: 10, 625-644). The essay reconstructs the establishment of the historic site where Anne Frank, her family and four more individuals were in hiding from 1942-1945 as a small museum -- which eventually became a leading Amsterdam tourist attraction and major educational center in the dissemination of Anne Frank’s ideals. In the last few years the annual visitation of the museum has surpassed one million, and the article discusses current management issues at the Anne Frank House which decided to introduce a high quality 3 D version of the Secret Annex and the front of the house on-line. 

In June 2013, Hartmann also published a conceptual paper on a related topic: “Dark tourism, thanatourism and dissonance in heritage tourism management: new directions in contemporary tourism research” in the Journal of Heritage Tourism.  Both refereed journal publications are the results of Hartmann’s long term research efforts in the study of heritage tourism, with several paper presentations at national and international conferences in the past years.  



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