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Damrauer publishes with son and Lin

Damrauer publishes with son and Lin

Bob Damrauer, Special Assistant to the Provost, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Professor of Chemistry, is the lead author on a recently published computational paper on carbodiimides in the Journal of Organic Chemistry. Carbodiimides are reagents that couple amino acids to produce peptides and have occupied a great deal of Damrauer’s thoughts since first publishing about them as a graduate student in 1966 (he was a twelve-year-old grad student then). In the midst of this latest work, Damrauer found that he needed some help in interpreting one aspect of his findings, at which point he began conferring and arguing with his son, Niels, who is an associate chemistry professor at CU Boulder. Damrauer says, “The experience led to a finer tuned paper. As the result of a referee’s comment, some addition dynamics computations were necessary, which were done by associate professor Hai Lin in the CU Denver Department, who is a renowned expert on molecular dynamics. All in all, the contributions of the three of us produced a nice addition to understanding dynamic aspects of carbodiimide chemistry.”



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