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Communication faculty collaborated on new book

The Department of Communication’s Professor Stephen Hartnett, Associate Professor and Chair Lisa Keranen, and (past ICB Instructor) Donovan Conley published their edited scholarly book Imagining China: Rhetorics of Nationalism in an Age of Globalization (2017, Michigan State University Press). Imagining China explores how U.S. and Chinese officials, scholars, and activists configure each other, portray the relations between the two nations, and depict their shared and competing interests, amidst old rivalries and emerging partnerships, while simultaneously meditating on the powers and limits of nationalism in our age of globalization. The collection emerged out of nearly a decade of engagement with discourses about China as a result of our International College Beijing (ICB) program and includes work by COMM Associate Professor CT Patrick Shaou-Whea Dodge, ICB Instructor Kirsten Lindholm, former ICB Instructor Jared Woolly, and a set of color plates taken by alum Jeremy S. Make during Keranen’s 2014 Narratives of the New China Maymester class.

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