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Summer Safety of Minors in Laboratories

Now that summer is upon us, the Department of Environmental Health & Safety wants to remind everyone of the institutional policy with respect to minors in laboratories.  Collectively, the institution strongly supports and advocates for the development of future scientists and physicians, and acknowledges that a positive and safe laboratory experience is central to this.  The full-length minor’s policy is at this link, but here are some important points:

- No one under the age of 16 may work with recombinant DNA.

- All minors (in fact, everyone in the lab) must complete the Laboratory Safety Course and the Chemical Waste Management Course upon hire.  Ideally, they can do this on-line via the SkillPort portal, but if they don’t have University log-in access we can assist with an alternate, paper-based means (Kara Franke in EHS can assist).

- Minors may not work with human or non-human primate blood, tissue, or bodily fluid.

- Minors under the age of 16 are prohibited from working with radioactive material.

- Parental consent is required, per the University Risk Management Form

- On-the-job training that incorporates close supervision and demonstrated skill competence is essential for ALL new employees – not just minors.

- In the laboratory, proper attire includes CLOSED TOED SHOES, pants, lab coat, gloves, and eye protection. 

For more information contact Ethan Carter, Director of the Department of Environmental Health & Safety, at 303-724-0699.



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