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Summer CSA Vegetable Shares Available from Five Fridges Farm: Sign Up Now

The Five Fridges Farm is a Field Research Station of the Geography and Environmental Sciences (GES) department, and this summer Steve Cochenour (formerly of Colorado State’s Organic Agriculture CSA program) will be running a CSA program from the farm. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) creates a direct partnership between the farmer and the eater: the members pay for their vegetable shares early in the season, when the expenses are greatest for the farm, allowing the farmer to purchase seeds and equipment for the year. Then, every week throughout the growing season, each member picks up his share of vegetables. Interested CU Denver faculty, students and staff have the opportunity to sign up for this summer’s program now. If there is enough interest (10 or more sign-ups) a once-a-week drop on campus will be arranged. For more information please consult the Clear Creek Organics (which operates at the farm) website:

The Five Fridges Farm is a 13-acre conservation easement in the middle of an urbanized area about five miles west of campus at the Williams Wildlife Preserve in Wheat Ridge. The farm offers diverse educational and research prospects for GES programs in Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, and Urban Studies. Under the terms of an MOU (signed in November 2011), the farm is being integrated into GES curriculum and research programs. For more information about the farm contact Amanda Weaver.



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