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Please Remind Students: Call for UROP Student Grant Proposals - Due March 4, 2016

The CU Denver Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) is a competitive program designed to financially support research projects for CU Denver undergraduate students.  Undergraduate research is an opportunity to extend learning outside the traditional classroom, laboratory, or studio; to utilize creativity and curiosity in the development of new knowledge, art, or innovation; to become more self-confident and independent; and to gain experience in presenting results to peers and mentors. All declared undergraduate students, independent of college or school, are eligible for UROP research funds. 

One of the important collaborations for undergraduate research is the mentoring from a faculty member experienced in discipline-specific research or creative methodology.  UROP students work closely with their faculty mentors to define realistic goals and a timeframe for their projects and support the preparation of the students’ final report.

 UROP grants are designed to cover expenses, travel, and stipends for the successful completion of the research or creative activities project.  Categories include:

*$1,200 – single student acting as the Principal Investigator (PI)

*$2,400 – dual student project with one student as PI and the other as co-Principal Investigator (co-PI)

*$3,600 – three or more students participating in a group project with one PI and 2, or more, co-PIs.

The UROP application window is now open until the deadline, which is Friday, March 4, 2016.  Further details and the electronic UROP application can be downloaded from this website page.  

For additional questions, please contact Mary Baitinger at the Office of Undergraduate Experiences at 303-315-2133 or​



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