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Earn an Extra $200

This offer is available to any faculty who incorporates learning outcomes (LOs) and associated assignments into their syllabus for one or more of their spring courses, as described below.

Before showing you the money, we first need to consider some basics about learning outcomes. It is useful to recognize that we are concerned with at least three levels of learning outcomes in undergraduate education: 1) Campus-wide-curriculum LOs, in particular those defined for Core courses; 2) program LOs defined for degrees; and 3) course-specific LOs.

All of the courses within a major collectively deliver that program’s learning outcomes. No single course necessarily will deliver all of that program’s LOs. Each course will have content and instructor-specific learning goals that do not appear in its program’s LOs. But, every major course should deliver at least one of its program’s learning outcomes.

Every course should have course-specific LOs, as stipulated by campus policy.  In addition, CU Denver Core and other general-education courses offered by a program may deliver some program LOs, but they must deliver the campus-wide LOs for the Core Area to which they belong (e.g., Arts, Cultural Diversity, Social Sciences, etc.).

The Dean’s Office would like CLAS faculty to consider incorporating into their course-specific LOs one or both of the following: one or more of your program’s LOs and/or one or more of the campus-wide-curriculum LOs. This process is complicated by the fact that there are two potentially relevant sets of campus-wide-curriculum learning outcomes: i) the existing Core-Area LOs (only for Core courses) and ii) the Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs, linked here as VALUE rubrics). Therefore, the campus-wide-curriculum LOs that you could choose to incorporate into your course-specific LOs may come from the Core-Area LOs, if you are teaching a Core course, or from the list of ELOs recently adopted by your program or that you think your course especially delivers.

In order to receive the $200.00 in professional development funds, submit these items to Jeff Franklin: i) a list of your program’s LO statements, ii) if a CU Denver Core course, the LO statements from the current Core-Area Assessment Team (I can tell you who the Core-Area Leader is), and iii) a copy of your spring 2014 syllabus with these three locations highlighted: your list of LO statements, the assignment(s) where the program or campus-wide-curriculum learning will be delivered, and the method of assessment or grade calculation tied to that learning.

Though it may break my piggybank, I would be tickled pink if every CLAS faculty member goes for the money or, better, for the improved curriculum. Thank you.



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