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Denver Writing Project Update

In Washington D.C. this month, nearly 150 teachers from 38 separate states represented the National Writing Project by visiting the offices of their state senators and representatives. Armed with the message that the Denver Writing Project’s model works and it deserves support, the small cohort of educators from CU Denver included Rich Argys, senior instructor in Education and Human Development and Miranda Egger, instructor in English. They ventured into a world of sequestration and looming government shut down in order to remind our Colorado legislators that amidst all the budgetary distress there still exists an organization that (thanks in part to CU Denver's ongoing support) has managed to hold on. In fact, even with federal funding slashed, The Denver Writing Project is still working towards putting quality, well-supported educators of literacy — at all levels and in all disciplines— in front of every student in the state.

While America's political issues and legislative deadlock are daunting, the work of organizations like The Denver Writing Project is far too critical to let it fall by the wayside. Educators still need cost-effective professional development and support, and students still need quality instruction on literacy skills in all disciplines. The Denver Writing Project is working towards making a big impact in these areas. Research studies conducted at 16 separate National Writing Project sites show students whose teachers engaged in the professional development offered by National Writing Project consistently outperformed their control group counterparts in statistically significant ways. The research only reminds us of what we already know: the model of providing support, time and space for teachers to teach other teachers works.



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