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CLAS PI Training

Recent years have seen a number of changes in the submission and management of grants and contracts on the downtown campus.  In response to these changes, the College has received new directives regarding application submission, PI effort, effort verification, development of detailed policies, and the responsibilities of the College, departments and principal investigators in monitoring grant activity.    In addition, the Federal government has been conducting very detailed audits of grant-receiving institutions of all sizes and has increasingly imposed serious penalties on institutions and, in some cases, PIs, for violations.    A common finding of these audits is a lack of training of PIs by the institution.

Consequently, CLAS now requires all principal investigators on grants and/or contracts to undergo an in-person mandatory training course.  If you hold a current grant/contract or intend to submit one in the near future, you should take this training.  Additionally new Chairs in departments with one or more grants or contracts are also being urged to take this course.

This Fall, our mandatory PI Training will be held:

Friday, October 19 from 9:00am – 12:00pm in the Dean’s Conference Room (NC-5018)

Please confirm your participation in this important event to Associate Dean David Tracer ( by 5 pm on Monday October 15, 2012.  Dr. Tracer is also happy to answer any questions you may have about this training.



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