CU Denver History Day in Colorado Celebrates Success at Nationals
CU Denver History Day in Colorado Celebrates Success at Nationals

The National History Day 2015 contest wrapped up on June 18, in College Park, MD, after 58 middle and highs school students from around Colorado competed with great success.  After exciting adventures (like a moonlight tour of the Capitals’ monuments, meetings with Senators Bennet and Gardner, and a trip to Mt. Vernon) the students represented their state with pride.

Housed in the History Department, the leadership for CU Denver History Day in Colorado wish to thank all the CLAS community for the continued support they received this year, and look forward to working with these judges and volunteers again next year!   

In addition to the winners below, Mary Hood, from Sargent High School near Alamosa, was chosen to be the Colorado representative at an opening of The WWII National Museum in New Orleans, LA.  She and a parent will be going on an all-expenses paid trip in December.

Senior Paper, Second place: Joyce Xu, Boulder, CO, Fairview High School (Teacher Leigh Campbell-Hale)
Man, Myth, and Icon: The Life and Legacy of Che Guevara

Junior Group Doc, Third place: Jaylan Gonzalez, Danielle Vigil, Pueblo, CO, Connect Charter School (Teacher Lee Hawkins) 236 Words: The Leadership and Legacy of Dr. Seuss

Senior Group Performance, Third place: Maia Brockbank, Camryn Daidone, Brynn Gauthier, Audrey Roberts, Denver, CO, Denver School Of The Arts.  (Teacher Ed Glassman) The INF Treaty: Reagan and Gorbachev's Fight for a Legacy Free of Nuclear Proliferation

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CU Denver’s Website to Undergo Update and Redesign

Earlier this year, the chancellors for both campuses approved a website improvement project that will result in distinct websites for each campus—CU Denver and CU Anschutz. The CU Anschutz site [] was created in 2012 and updated in March 2015. Now, an updated version of a unique CU Denver site has been created at with a new homepage just for CU Denver.  These changes will launch on August 12th. The CU Denver website will be streamlined to make it easier for all visitors to use. It will now have the potential to be mobile-friendly, so that it can be viewed on all kinds of devices. For complete information about these changes, visit

If you have questions contact

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UCD Access Upgrades to PassportID

The faculty/staff/student portal, formerly called “UCD  Access,” is being upgraded and streamlined, resulting in the new system: CU Denver PassportID. You may have already noticed slight changes to the portal sign in page this summer, but from a functionality standpoint nothing will have changed for you. Continue navigating to the same location, using your existing CU Denver username and password, and you’ll have the same access, for now. In the coming months, this infrastructure change will allow incorporating email, Canvas, and other services through just one sign-in. Moving forward, please do not refer to the system (in your syllabi, in classes, or anywhere else) as “UCD Access,” but as “Passport ID.”

Questions about this project can be directed to Yvonne Hall, Outreach Coordinator for the Office of Information Technology, at 303-724-9255 or

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Auraria Library Reserves for Fall Semester

It is time for faculty to get their special academic materials ready for Course Reserves at the Auraria Library.  If you have done this in the past, you know there is an advantage to having specific books and articles that are easily accessible to your students at the library or online.  Materials can be submitted for the entire upcoming 15-16 academic year: Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.  Reserve items received by August 3rd will be ready by the end of the first week of the semester (assuring your students will be ready before first assignments come due). 

For more information please visit the Auraia Library page here.

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COMIRB Review and Research Involving Human Subjects

As another new academic year approaches, and you (or your students) start thinking about new projects, please allow COMIRB to assist with your planning if the research will involve human subjects. If you are using systematic methods leading to generalizable findings, it is likely research that requires a review and approval from the IRB (i.e., COMIRB) prior to commencement - whether you are comparing different instructional techniques, curricula, or classroom management methods; administering surveys; or analyzing previously collected data, visual or audio recordings of people in the community.

When you begin to plan your research, please consider the following:

• The time needed for the review and approval of your research by COMIRB usually takes three to four weeks for research that involves no more than minimal risk; it is longer (four to six weeks) if a research project involves greater than minimal risk and requires a full-board review.

• Build in additional time if your research involves an international site or collaborator. An internal review for international issues and approval from the IRB/Ethics Committee in the country where research takes place are required for such research prior to COMIRB approval.  This process could take several months.

• Student projects assigned as part of a course do not require COMIRB review and approval so long as faculty is responsible for the ethical conduct of their students' activities. However, student projects and dissertations involving human subjects do require COMIRB review and approval.

If you have any questions, COMIRB staff is available to assist your review process by phone (Help Desk: 303-724-1055), email (, or in person (Mondays from 1 pm to 5 pm and Wednesdays from 8 am to 12 pm in Lawrence Street Center, Suite 300).

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CLAS Spotlight

Adams study of same sex parents sparks media
Adams study of same sex parents sparks media

Jimi Adams, Associate Professor in Health and Behavioral Sciences, examined thousands of peer-reviewed articles on same-sex parenting over several decades, and found that scientific consensus among researchers supported a "no difference" conclusion – agreement that  children of same-sex parents experience "no difference" on a range of social and behavioral outcomes compared to children of heterosexual or single parents.

Study: Kids of same-sex couples not negatively impacted
9 News
, June 16

No negative impact on children of same sex couples
Yahoo News India
, June 16

Study's Overwhelming Consensus: The Kids Really Are All Right
, June 16

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Outstanding alum Cook recognized at SDB meeting

Jonathan Cook, CLAS Outstanding Graduate Student for Spring 2015 from the Department of Integrative Biology, received an honorary mention in the graduate poster category at the 74th Annual Meeting of the Society for Developmental Biology, presenting his thesis work "Zygote arrest (Zar) proteins regulate mRNA translation and disrupt formation of the translation initiation complex."

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Cooney publishes in the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Cooney publishes in the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery

Teresa Cooney, Professor and Chair of Sociology, has published “A randomized crash injury prevention trial of transitioning high risk elders from driving.” in the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, (79(1), 132-137, Stowe, J. D., & Cooney, Teresa M., Bonne, S., Meuser, T. M., Berg-Weger, M., Schmidt, S., & Coughenour, J. (2015).

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Cronin active at IEA Conference
Cronin active at IEA Conference

Associate Professor of Integrative Biology, Greg Cronin presented a paper at the 21st International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment, in Puerto Rico June 10-13. He was also elected a Counselor of the Interdisciplinary Environmental Association and agreed to be on the Review Board of the Interdisciplinary Environmental Review.  Read more about the presentation here.

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Ferencik selected for Gilman International Scholarship

Aaron Ferencik, Senior in the Department of International Studies, has received the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship from the U.S. Department of State, Buerau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Institute of International Education. Ferenick is currently studying Arabic in Jordan, with additional funding through the Critical Need Language Award, with promotes the study of languages important to U.S. Diplomacy.

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Huber moving into a next generation of dark matter experiments with NSF funding
Huber moving into a next generation of dark matter experiments with NSF funding

Martin E. Huber, Professor of Physics and Director of the Master of Integrated Sciences Program, received funding for his latest NSF proposal to extend his work at the next-generation dark matter experiment  SuperCDMS SNOLAB. Huber’s funding will provide for an additional Senior Professional Research Associate and make available positions for undergraduate research assistants.

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Johnson and Oleson Boettcher Foundation 2015 Class of Boettcher Investigators

Last month, the Boettcher Foundation Board of Trustees announced its 2015 class of Boettcher Investigators in the Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Awards program. Aaron N. Johnson (left), Assistant Professor of Integrative Biology, and Erik B. Oleson (right), Assistant Professor of Psychology, will each receive a grant of $225,000 to cover up to three years of biomedical research activity.

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Pierce on Smithsonian blog
Pierce on Smithsonian blog

Allison K. Pierce, MS student in the Department of Integrative Biology, had her research on Mountain Plovers in South Park highlighted this month on the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center expedition blog.

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Reich new ASA Section Chair on Sex and Gender
Reich new ASA Section Chair on Sex and Gender

Jennifer Reich, Associate Professor of Sociology, is the new Chair-elect for the American Sociological Association’s Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender.

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Timely Scull study on male stripper mentality
Timely Scull study on male stripper mentality

In the July 13 edition of the journal Deviant Behavior, Sociology Instructor Maren Scull found that male strippers reported higher self-confidence and self-esteem thanks to their forays into exotic dancing. Coinciding with the release of the film Magic Mike XXL, this research "The Self-Concept as a Side-Bet: How Stripping Enhances the Self-Views of Men who Dance for Women.” garnered considerable media attention.

Why Do Men Strip? Here’s the Answer from CU Denver’s Maren Scull
, July 14

Why Men Strip
Fox 31
, July 14

Why Men Strip
, July 14

The science of Magic Mike: Researchers reveal why male strippers take their clothes off (and say it's NOT for the money)
Daily Mail
, July 21

Revealed: the reason why men and women turn to stripping
The Telegraph
, July 21

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Swallow examines David and Goliath from a serotonin standpoint
Swallow examines David and Goliath from a serotonin standpoint

John Swallow, Chair and Professor of Integrative Biology, and his collaborators, including graduate student Andrew Bubak, published their peer-reviewed article “David vs. Goliath: Serotonin modulates opponent perception between smaller and larger rivals.” this month in Behavioral Brain Research. This study examined the effects of serotonin manipulation on smaller competitors to determine whether elevated serotonin levels would overcome the advantage of size, allowing David to “slay” Goliath. Results show that increasing brain serotonin levels in smaller rivals elevates aggression. However, the larger opponents adjust their fighting strategy mid-contest to match the increased aggression displayed by the smaller opponent, suggesting contextual flexibility based on opponent assessment.  In the end, serotonin significantly increased aggressive displays by both the larger and smaller rivals but did not affect the outcome of the contests; David was not able to slay Goliath.

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University Events

18th Annual Colorado Learning and Teaching with Technology (COLTT) Conference 2015

Aug 5-6
Wolf Law Building on the CU-Boulder campus.

Faculty, graduate students and staff are invited to network with regional colleagues and be challenged to explore how technology can enhance our students' learning experiences. The conference will feature a track on universal design for learning (UDL), offering hands-on workshops on ensuring PowerPoint presentation and Acrobat PDF accessibility, a panel on closed captioning, as well as demonstrations, presentations and discussion opportunities about UDL. Expert presenters will facilitate discussions on topics such as academic honesty in the digital age and the use of gaming engagement strategies in higher education. A COLTT Test Kitchen will allow conference attendees to gather "recipes" for combinations of technology tools that can help meet instructional and professional needs. Nationally renowned educational technology expert and blogger, Michael Feldstein, will deliver the keynote for this year's conference.

Several campus units offer funded registrations enabling faculty, students and staff to take part. For more information about registration, scholarships and conference details, visit For questions about COLTT 2015, contact Deborah Keyek-Franssen, conference director and associate vice president for digital education and engagement (, or Jaimie Henthorn, COLTT conference coordinator (

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Aug 14

CLAS Reception: 3:30 – 4:45 pm (Check in at Tivoli Commons at 3:00 pm)

All faculty and staff are highly encouraged to attend their designated school/college reception to interact with their new students prior to the convocation ceremony. Light refreshments will be served.

Ceremony: 5:00 – 6:00 pm (PE/Event Center)
This ceremony serves as a symbolic initiation into the world of higher education and a formal introduction to the traditions, standards and principles of our dynamic institution. Faculty and staff are vital to the ceremonial nature of the event and are strongly encouraged to attend. Faculty are asked to dress in academic regalia for this formal counterpart to commencement. Click here to request faculty regalia at no charge. Note: The deadline to request faculty regalia is July 29th.

BBQ: to follow  on the CU Denver Athletic Field
CU Denver administration, faculty, staff and their families to enjoy a free BBQ with games, music, activities and more on the CU Denver Athletic Field! No RSVP required.

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Lynx Day of Service

Aug 15
9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Lynx Day of Service is CU Denver’s first annual service day designed to welcome incoming students - setting the precedent early that engagement with the University also means building relationships with the Denver community. This year we are engaging 400 first-year students in volunteer projects throughout Metro Denver, and we need over 100 staff, alumni, and current student leaders to help host this event for our incoming Lynx. Transportation and meals will be provided. Please RSVP by Friday, July 24th to:

If you have any questions please contact Megan Frewaldt, Assistant Director for Community Engagement, at 303-556-3944 or

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CLAS Events

Come Chill Out with CLAS at the Block Party

Aug 20
11:00 am – 2:00 pm
NEW LOCATION: Corner of Speer and Lawrence St. (between Campus and the CU Building)

Kick off the 2015-2016 academic year with your fellow students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and community friends at the third annual CU Denver Block Party:

•Lunch from some of Denver's favorite food trucks

•Live music from local and national talent

•The mobile zip line is back

•Free massages and “Cool Giveaways” at the CLAS booth

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